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Holiday blues and assignments to do!


So i’m over half way through doing a degree in engineering with the OU and I have another deadline looming for my next assignment. I’ve got the blues from missing the lovely holiday sunshine in Portugal and I think that’s what’s making everything much harder! To top it off, I opened MS office only to find that my template format had gone all peculiar, or at least that’s what I thought! I opened the online version of word that I get with Office 365 and my template opened perfectly, so what’s changed in the week that I’ve been away? Office has a repair function that can be found my navigating to the control panel > programs and features > office 365 then click change and from here you get two options for repair. There’s an offline repair function but I opted for the online repair, partly because it’s going to delay the inevitable assignment on nano technology and partly because in my experience a short cut never works.

Well so much for not taking short cuts! After waiting an hour and to be greeted by a message saying that the repair was complete, I opened my document again to find that I still had the same problem. So, plan B it is then. I changed over to my desktop computer and voila! The file opened perfectly. So when I’m done with my assignment I’m going to have to go on another learning adventure to diagnose the problem on my laptop.

Oh well I guess I can’t delay any further, I’m going to have to get on an finish my assignment. I’ll be day dreaming about my new Raspberry Pi 2 and my holiday memories.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday blues and assignments to do!

  1. Uni assignments can be hard and boring, I know it only too well. As for anything produced by MS, well! That’s why is use Linux all the time now, much more consistent and reliable. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with that Raspberry Pi. I’ve got my one set up as a low power network attached storage device and it works brilliantly.


    1. Thanks for your message John. I’m trying out the Pi2 with some ham radio software at the moment, Fldigi is actually usable now.

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