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Using a Raspberry Pi to display standards on a production line part 1


I work for one of the biggest bread manufacturers in the UK. A little while ago I was approached by our technical manager who had an idea about using a digital photo frame to display photo standards on our wrapping lines. I thought about her idea and suggested that there would be a better way to do it. I said that I would come back in a couple of days to show her what I had in mind.

My idea was to use a Raspberry Pi with a decent sized touch screen to display the images and provide an easy way to change image. I set about researching my idea and found that it would be possible to do using a bash script and FEH.



FEH is an application that can display images in the same way as a digital photo frame. All that is required with this library is that you give it the path to a folder where the images are. You can set it to display the images as is, or you can get it to make the images full screen and stretched to fit. What I didn’t fully appreciate at the time of writing the script was how the user would try to use the screen. People are so used to using touch screens on mobile phones that they were expecting to be able to use gestures to change the image.

Unfortunately swiping sideways on the screen just made the image move sideways a bit and not change to the next image. In the next part to this story I will tell you how I’ve ditched the simple script for a Python application using Tkinter, look out for part 2 next week.

Trial screen in place above one of the wrapping lines
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