This is the section of my blog site where you can find links to my latest YouTube videos, reviews of archery equipment and my progress towards becoming a better archer.

I own an SF Axiom recurve bow with 40lb SF Elite carbon / foam limbs. I’ve just been given a longbow which I’m having lots of fun with (thanks Dad).

Goals – Become a world class archer

– Share the love of archery with others



Recurve archery practice 21st April - New SF Axiom bow

So in this video I'm shooting my new recurve bow which has an SF Axiom 25" riser with 40lb SF Elite limbs. I'm shooting from 15m at a 60cm target and I'm using Easton X75 arrows.
The bow was bought from

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not a good look

Archery practice session 10th April 2016

Join me for a quick practice session on my archery range, where I have a slip up with my finger tab, bruise my nipple and shoot a few arrows.

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