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Just bought myself a new toy

nooelec 40pct

I’ve just bought this little beauty from Amazon, it’s a USB dongle that was original purpose was to receive DVB-T signals. The guys at NooElec have made some neat modifications to the stick to make it more suitable for use as an SDR receiver. The Mini 2 uses a brand-new tuner IC, the R820T2 made by Rafael Micro, to provide increased sensitivity and improved SNR. This custom NooElec SDR USB dongle tuned for SDR usage, including upgraded crystal, capacitors and inductors compared to generic devices. It has a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1750MHz and you can extend the range further by combining it with an upconverter that NooElec also make called ‘Ham it up’. The ‘Ham it up’ accessory turns the dongle in to a DC to 1.766 ghz receiver, how great is that?

I’m going to use my one as a discrete (hidden from the wife!) receiver that I can use when I’m sitting at the computer in the lounge 😉 Shhh don’t tell her!

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G7WJW’s experiments in amateur radio and electronics


G7WJW’s experiments in amateur radio and electronics. Various experiments in radio and reviews of software and equipment. Adventures in programming in Python and using development boards.

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SDR Radio Software and Remote Listening For Free


I’m using a great piece of software that I’ve stumbled across recently. The software is written by Simon Brown HB9DRV, he wrote, up until recently, the wonderful Ham Radio Deluxe software. SDR-Radio is an application that Simon has written to use with RFspace’s fantastic range of software defined radios as well other usual suspects such as the Softrock range of SDR’s. One thing with this app which I have found invaluable is the ability to connect remotely to SDR receivers over the internet.

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End fed long wire for 160m to 6m from M0CVO


Well I’ve taken the plunge and bought an end fed long wire antenna to get something up in the air at my rented house. I bought the antenna from Waters and Stanton, it is just over 40m long and is made by M0CVO. The antenna looks like it is well made with a professional looking 9:1 Balun, it has a SO239 connection and an earth connection. The instructions state that you do not need to connect the earth connection, but it is recommended to connect it to deal with static.

I plan to string it up from the peak of the roof of the house and slope it down to the end of rear garden. I do have the option to get it higher and hang it from a tree out the front of the property. If I was really cheeky and I thought I could get away with it, there is a tall tree behind my neighbours garden but that would mean the wire crossing over their garden. I’m not sure that they would like that :-/

Allegedly the antenna is capable of operating between 160m and 6m with a good ATU. I just need to take the plunge now and see what complaints I get with this wire antenna.

Check back soon for my review of the antenna once I get it in the air.