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What’s the best thing to be manufactured in the UK today? I’ll give you a hint…. pi

Yes, it’s the Raspberry Pi 3. A 64bit SOC credit card sized development board from the Raspberry Pi foundation. For the princely sum of £31.66 from CPC (Farnell, Element 14) you can get your hands on the latest version of the Raspberry Pi.

I know, some people would say a Jaguar or maybe a Range Rover, but I am a geek and I say it’s the Raspberry Pi. Don’t get me wrong, I would dearly love to have a nice Range Rover, but that’s not going to happen unless I either win the lottery or the manufacturer gives me one!

Odroid C1+

Odroid C1+ review

I've been experimenting with alternatives to the Raspberry Pi for my visual standards application that I've been coding. I tried the beagle bone black as an alternative first, but I really couldn't get on with it. Although on paper the BBB looked like a viable alternative, the reality was quite different. The performance seemed to be worse than the Pi v1.

Recently I discovered the Odroid's from Hardkernel. They have a range of SOC development boards that range from the brilliant to exceptional!

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