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Recurve archery practice from 24th April SF Axiom bow

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Recurve archery practice 21st April – New SF Axiom bow

So in this video I’m shooting my new recurve bow which has an SF Axiom 25″ riser with 40lb SF Elite limbs. I’m shooting from 15m at a 60cm target and I’m using Easton X75 arrows.
The bow was bought from

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FMAOWATS freezing my arse off waiting at the station

I am never going to complain again about sitting in traffic in my car on the way to work! I’m lucky enough to be on a leadership training course this week over at Forest Gate and I decided that I would probably be better off going by train. Lucky old me gets the first really cold snap in about the weeks. The journey has been quite good, but the problem comes from having to wait for my work colleague at the station at Forest Gate. She’s never on time and I find myself sitting on a freezing cold bench for half an hour. Brrrrr

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Archery practice session 10th April 2016

not a good look

Join me for a quick practice session on my archery range, where I have a slip up with my finger tab, bruise my nipple and shoot a few arrows.

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Odroid C1+ review

Odroid C1+

I’ve been experimenting with alternatives to the Raspberry Pi for my visual standards application that I’ve been coding. I tried the beagle bone black as an alternative first, but I really couldn’t get on with it. Although on paper the BBB looked like a viable alternative, the reality was quite different. The performance seemed to be worse than the Pi v1.

Recently I discovered the Odroid’s from Hardkernel. They have a range of SOC development boards that range from the brilliant to exceptional! Continue reading Odroid C1+ review

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That’s another module finished


Well almost! Just the exam left for the T356 OU module in June. I don’t think I can handle any more about nano technology. I thought it would be an interesting module, which it was. I just didn’t realise how much it goes into biology. Biology was never my strong point in school, so going into so much detail twenty eight years later was not fun. Give me wire, electron’s and electronic components any day!

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Just bought myself a new toy

nooelec 40pct

I’ve just bought this little beauty from Amazon, it’s a USB dongle that was original purpose was to receive DVB-T signals. The guys at NooElec have made some neat modifications to the stick to make it more suitable for use as an SDR receiver. The Mini 2 uses a brand-new tuner IC, the R820T2 made by Rafael Micro, to provide increased sensitivity and improved SNR. This custom NooElec SDR USB dongle tuned for SDR usage, including upgraded crystal, capacitors and inductors compared to generic devices. It has a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1750MHz and you can extend the range further by combining it with an upconverter that NooElec also make called ‘Ham it up’. The ‘Ham it up’ accessory turns the dongle in to a DC to 1.766 ghz receiver, how great is that?

I’m going to use my one as a discrete (hidden from the wife!) receiver that I can use when I’m sitting at the computer in the lounge 😉 Shhh don’t tell her!

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Using a Raspberry Pi to display standards on a production line part 1


I work for one of the biggest bread manufacturers in the UK. A little while ago I was approached by our technical manager who had an idea about using a digital photo frame to display photo standards on our wrapping lines. I thought about her idea and suggested that there would be a better way to do it. I said that I would come back in a couple of days to show her what I had in mind.

My idea was to use a Raspberry Pi with a decent sized touch screen to display the images and provide an easy way to change image. I set about researching my idea and found that it would be possible to do using a bash script and FEH.

Continue reading Using a Raspberry Pi to display standards on a production line part 1

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Holiday blues and assignments to do!


So i’m over half way through doing a degree in engineering with the OU and I have another deadline looming for my next assignment. I’ve got the blues from missing the lovely holiday sunshine in Portugal and I think that’s what’s making everything much harder! To top it off, I opened MS office only to find that my template format had gone all peculiar, or at least that’s what I thought! I opened the online version of word that I get with Office 365 and my template opened perfectly, so what’s changed in the week that I’ve been away? Office has a repair function that can be found my navigating to the control panel > programs and features > office 365 then click change and from here you get two options for repair. There’s an offline repair function but I opted for the online repair, partly because it’s going to delay the inevitable assignment on nano technology and partly because in my experience a short cut never works.

Well so much for not taking short cuts! After waiting an hour and to be greeted by a message saying that the repair was complete, I opened my document again to find that I still had the same problem. So, plan B it is then. I changed over to my desktop computer and voila! The file opened perfectly. So when I’m done with my assignment I’m going to have to go on another learning adventure to diagnose the problem on my laptop.

Oh well I guess I can’t delay any further, I’m going to have to get on an finish my assignment. I’ll be day dreaming about my new Raspberry Pi 2 and my holiday memories.