This is my dream rig!! I own an FT-450 which is okay but the Icom 7610 it's in it's own class!! If anyone would like to donate towards the new rig fun it would be most welcome.

My name is Gareth (Gaz) and my QTH is Edenbridge, United Kingdom. I'm an engineer that has a great job working for one of the top companies in the UK (well in my opinion anyway), I'm an engineering manager for Hovis and I work with some great people and although work can be challenging it's a lot of fun. To blow off steam I have a couple of hobbies, amateur radio, and archery although the last lot of storms took out my archery target and safety netting which I've not rebuilt yet. I've been into amateur radio since the age of 5 years old when I became so fascinated with a book by the Rev George Dobbs G3RJV about making a transistor radio. I was hooked from the day that I read that book and have drifted in and out of the hobby ever since. My call sign is G7WJW and I'm active on HF with a DX Commander multiband vertical that's 10m long with 32 ground radials 4.8m long, and it's tucked in a tree to hide it from the neighbors. It's quite a good little antenna and I've made contacts from all continents on SSB and FT8. I like to build receivers and transceivers from scratch and from kits although I don't get as much time as I would like what with juggling work and family life.

I'm a member of the G-QRP club and also the Crawley Amateur Radio club


My worked all Britain square is WAB TQ44  

Maidenhead locator is JO01AE

Equipment: Yaesu FT991 recently bought from a SK on eBay, FT-450D, DX Commander ABV currently set up for 80m, 40m, 20m and 12m.