My family has been long time subscribers of the digital magazine platform which is called Readly, they offer thousands of mainstream magazine titles that my whole family has enjoyed and as a result, saved probably thousands of pounds by now (pounds as in UK currency). This month I've found out that they have now added Practical Wireless and Radio User to their line up which has made my day. Now I get all my magazines in one app and for only £7.99 a month which includes access for the account holder and four other users. You can't lose, well unless you really can't do without the paper copy that is! Best of all you can try it free for the first month. They have apps for iOS and Android and you can also read the magazines in the browser on your computer. I tend to do a combination of phone, tablet and laptop depending on what I'm doing at the time. 

Just a few other titles for example that are available are Hackspace, MagPi, Linux Format, Computer Music, Practical Photoshop, Professional Audio, Street Trucks....... I could go on and on. Easier if you just check it out yourself.

I'm not gaining anything from telling you this, I just want you to be able to enjoy as many magazines as you could possibly read for only £7.99 a month oh and I forgot to say that they have back issues available free too!

Check them out at

Use my link and you get one month for free