For the first time in my life I've joined an amateur radio club. Not because I've had some ephiny but just because I've never had a "local" club when I've had enough free time to go to a club, my life has been very busy and still is but I really wanted to become a club member and start to expand my radio social circle. My local club to me is the Crawley amateur radio club and during lockdown they are having a 10:30am net on 28.430 ssb on Sunday mornings and there's another meeting via WebEx at 8pm on Wednesday evenings in place of the usual meetings at the clubhouse. It might seem to be a weird time to join a club but I felt that I wanted to help keep the club going with my meager contribution during this time when a lot of people might be inclined to withdraw membership.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far although my antenna hasn't performed well enough to take part on the Sunday nets so far. Fingers crossed for this Sunday, I'm hoping that my new loop is going to perform well enough that I can take part. I have a 10m vertical antenna which was rubbish, nil points to Nevada radio. I made a full wave delta loop for last weekends net which worked better on receive but I still wasn't heard. So I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this Sunday (17th May) that I'm going to break through with my much larger loop. I will update tomorrow after the net.


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